CCTV Line Inspection

Closed circuit television or CCTV line inspection is an effective method used by EPS Inc. for underground construction purposes.  Lateral and main line inspections are performed by our Bay Area NAASCO certified technicians.

CCTV Line Inspection Capabilities

AT Engineering Perfect Systems, we use the most advanced CCTV line inspection equipment which includes pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities.  This insures that the exact location of possible defects is identified quickly.

The recordings capture precise megapixel images and video to document the inspection process and identify overall pipe condition and possible defects in order to avoid emergency failures.

Our Line Assessment Team

Our Bay Area pipe inspection team is NAASCO certified to inspect your pipeline and provide detailed recorded information that capture problems before they happen or identify structural defects and cracks that need immediate attention.

Benefits of CCTV Pipe Inspections

  • Identify Cracks
  • Collapsed or broken pipes
  • Map entire systems
  • Detect Clogs such as roots
  • Identify build up
  • Detect growing roots

Our EPS team has provided mainline and lateral inspections in the tightest and toughest locations.  Clients we have served include residential, commercial and municipalities.

We serve the entire Bay Area and we are the underground construction company of choice for complex projects.  No matter where the pipe is located, our equipment and expertise allow us to get the inspection done.

At Engineering Perfect Systems, we don’t believe in problems, but only solutions.  Our fleet of equipment and experience since 1989 allow us to complete any project with ease by not only meeting but exceeding the clients’ expectations, budget and deadlines.

If you need a mainline inspection, lateral inspection, want to map an entire system, or discuss options for an underground infrastructure project in the Bay Area, contact us for a detailed assessment.

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