Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is a technology we use in our Bay Area underground construction when replacing underground lines.  It’s an efficient method of simultaneously replacing an underground old pipe with a new one.  This means the project is done quickly and cost effectively.

How Does Pipe Bursting Work?

It’s exactly like it sounds, the pipe bursting process will fracture and split the existing pipe.  Before we begin the process, we rely on our Bay Area engineering and planning to properly identify and outline the details.

We will determine whether the existing pipe is made of materials considered fracturable or not.  Since EPS Inc has all the technologies, equipment, and experienced technicians needed to complete the project.  We get it done!

pipe bursting project in the bay area

What Type of Pipe Can Be Burst?

Pipe bursting has its limitations on the size of pipe an existing pipe can be upsized to.  Pipe bursting can be tough depending on the terrain and obstacles.  Pipe bursting cannot happen in certain ground.

We have the pipe bursting capabilities when it’s necessary but we heavily rely on pipe reaming for underground pipe replacement because it’s a bullet proof system.

Pipe reaming also allows us to correct bad grades on old piping during the pipe replacement.

When pipe bursting, the existing pipe must fracture and split.  At Engineering Perfect Systems we have the various equipment, heads, and experience necessary to perform on any project with any pipe.

The most common reason pipe bursting is used is for sewer pipes.

  • Clay Pipe (VCP)
  • Asbestos Cement (AC)
  • Concrete Pipe (CP)
  • PVC pipes

Even brick can be burst successfully, but proper planning with every project we handle in the Bay Area that involves pipe bursting, we will consider much more than the material of the pipe to insure a successful outcome.

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