Domestic Water

Water Line Installation contractor

Potable or domestic water lines often referred to as drinking water lines are a part of our underground utility installation services in the Bay Area.

As an underground construction contractor, we’ve installed, repaired and replaced drinking water lines for hundreds of residential, commercial and municipal clients since 1989.

Domestic Water Line Installation

Whether the lines need to be moved, new drinking water pipes need to be installed or even existing ones inspected, our team of expert engineers, plumbers, and technicians are experienced, certified, and well equipped to handle the task.

There is no project too big or too small for EPS Inc in the Bay Area. We are the #1 referred Bay Area underground construction and engineering contractor for a reason.

We focus on proper planning, efficient processes and implementations to save our clients time and money.

Water Line Installation contractor

City Drinking Water 

Drinking water is important to our every day lives, when an underground pipe is down, it’s quite an inconvenience for many residents, businesses, and the public.

Engineering perfect systems is the Bay Area emergency response for municipalities and cities.   We understand the urgency of on-time repairs and are always eager to get the job done quickly.

What can cause a burst or leaking water line? There are various factors that contribute to a water line problem. If prior underground utility pipes were not installed properly, invasive tree roots, or the pipes are simply old, it can cause a water line leak.

Besides our experience, we have a fleet of advanced equipment that will pin point the source of the problem. All our work is done via trench-less method. The less we dig up, the quicker and less costly the project is for our clients.

If you want to discuss any underground construction services, have a domestic water line you’d like us to inspect, repair, or install, contact us for an assessment and proposal.

We have been proudly providing engineering, underground construction, and plumbing services in the Bay Area since 1989. We look forward to hearing from you.

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