Pipe Reaming

Pipe reaming is a trenchless pipe replacement technology used by EPS Inc in the Bay Area. Trenchless underground pipe construction is our specialty and relied upon by municipalities, commercial, and residential clients.

What is Pipe Reaming?

It’s an efficient technique for replacing pipe underground. Often called “Pipe Eating” because the process removes the existing pipe while simultaneously installing the replacement pipe.
Pipe reaming is limited to non-metallic underground pipes. It’s a great option when performing an underground trenchless pipe replacement.

EPS Inc is the underground construction company of choice in the Bay Area, because our team is experienced, and we are well equipped to provide the necessary equipment to perform underground pipe replacements using various methods.

We rely on our underground technology of directional drilling, laser guided horizontal bores, CCTV line inspections, pipe bursting, and many other methods to get any size project completed precisely and fast.

Design, Planning, and Implementation

Engineering Perfect Systems relies on meticulous infrastructure design, method strategies and proper implementation. We use the best underground technology method based on where it’s best suited.

Health, safety, and environment is our top priority. Proper planning, execution and disposal is done to not only meet but exceed local regulations. When it comes to underground construction, experience matters!

Trenchless Pipe Replacement Experience

For over 25 years, our underground construction services and pipe replacement projects are evident throughout the Bay Area, under roads, freeways, bridges, and tight spots other engineering companies consider complex.  Our services are relied upon by municipalities, engineers, commercial, and residential clients.

  • Sewer and Storm
  • Gas Lines
  • Electric and cable conduit
  • Lateral Replacement

When you need an experienced underground construction contractor in the Bay Area you can rely on for any underground trenchless pipe replacement, locating, new installations, or rehabilitation, rely on us for the best methods, technology, and equipment available.  Contact us today.

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