What is hot tapping in plumbing and when is it needed?

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What is hot tapping in plumbing and when is it needed

What is hot tapping in plumbing and when is it needed?

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Keeping sewage and water pipelines are integral to businesses and the quality of living in households. But when upgrades or maintenance are required, turning off service seems like an inevitability.

However, hot tapping is a process that’s turning the plumbing world upside down. Through this method, service continues on existing pipes and systems while workers make repairs. Learn how hot tapping is revolutionizing the world of plumbing and utilities, and how this service can work for you.

What is Hot Tapping?

Also known as pressure tapping, hot tapping is a method whereby our technicians hook up a new branch connection to an existing or pressurized pipeline by drilling or cutting. Using specialized tools, workers can continue service of the pipeline while also making connections or repairing the original system.  Part of our method of service at EPS is to make sure we minimize the downtime required while completing a project.  We want your business or home to function as it should while we get the repairs done.

The advantage to hot tapping is both economic and environmental. Businesses aren’t hindered by a lack of services or utilities while the process also prevents the release of methane gas that’s found in sewage pipes.

Can A Live Water Main be Hot Tapped?

Another advantage of hot tapping is that it allows a live water main to undergo maintenance. Thus, we can hot tap a live water main while it continues to work unimpeded. Water main hot taps can range in size from a ½ inch to 48 inches depending on the functionality required and the size of the water main pipe (although the size of the water main is typically no bigger than 16 inches).

EPS Inc. dba Express Plumbing has been providing innovative approaches to engineering and plumbing in the Bay Area for multiple decades.  No matter how simple or complicated a project is, simply give our crew a call and we’ll give you multiple options.

Hot Tapping Vs Cold Tapping

The main difference between hot tapping and cold tapping is whether or not the pipe is pressurized. If the pipe is under pressure, workers use hot tapping; if the pipe isn’t under pressure, cold tapping is used.

The downside with cold tapping is that the pipe is taken out of service, which can have significant economic and environmental ramifications. However, cold tapping may prevent leaks or other issues that have a slight chance of occurring during the hot tapping process.

Choosing one over the other requires an assessment of the particular scenario, as well as which method requires the least downtime for residential and commercial customers of the service. That said, hot tapping’s ability to keep the line in service is one of the main reasons why contractors and companies choose it over a cold tapping process.

Hiring The Right Hot Tapping Contractor

Like many other types of underground repairs or underground infrastructure, choosing the right hot tapping contractor is the difference between the success of a lingering or even a failed project.

As a hot tapping contractor in the Bay Area, EPS Inc. has impeccable resources combined with the proper equipment and a team of skilled workers. Experience in hot tapping is also essential, as it can lower the time of the project and ensure it’s done correctly. Because of the complexities involved in hot tapping, customers and consumers shouldn’t settle for only some of these qualities. Our team at EPS Inc. offers these qualities and more.

Through hot tapping, governments and businesses can provide a much-needed upgrade to existing systems without lowering the chance for commerce or quality of living. If you’re in need of a hot-tapping experienced team or any other project that involves underground construction, heavy construction, drilling, plumbing, or civil engineering, give us a call, we look forward to serving you anywhere in the Bay Area.

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